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Clips in order of appearance:
"The Quiet Life" by Tim Hittle
"Vincent" by Tim Burton and Rick Heinrichs, Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.  Pixar Animation Studios
"Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Mike Johnson
"Rope Dance" by Raimund Krumme 
"Voices" by Joanna Priestley
"Your Face" by Bill Plympton
"Hill Farm" by Mark Baker
"Whoopass Stew" by Craig McCracken
"Allegro Non Troppo" by Bruno Bozetto
"Grasshopper" by Bruno Bozetto
"Anijam" by Marv Newland
"Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase" by Joan C. Gratz
"Balance" by Christophe Lauenstein
"Canhead" by Tim Hittle
"Luxo Jr" by John Lasseter, Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.  Pixar Animation Studios
"Frannie's Christmas" by Mike Mitchell
"Lea's Press On Limbs" by Chris Miller
"Winter" by Pete Docter
"North of Blue" by Joanna Priestley
"Happy Tree Friends" by Rhode Montijo
"Eye's Cold Lemonade" Courtesy of Mondo Media, Inc.
"Next Door" by Pete Docter
"Somewhere in the Arctic" by Andrew Stanton
"Creature Comforts" by Nick Park,  ©Aardman Animations Ltd 1989
"Bob's Birthday" by Alison Snowden and David Fine
"Bambi Meets Godzilla" by Marv Newland
"Alcoholic Cat" by Jamie Mathieson 
Betty Boop by Fleischer Studios & Paramount Pictures
Superman by Fleischer Studios & Paramount Pictures
"Potato Hunter" by Tim Hittle
"Geri's Game" by Jan Pinkava, Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.  Pixar Animation Studios
"Second Class Mail" by Alison Snowden, Courtesy National Film and Television School UK
"Walking" by Ryan Larkin, Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada
"Insect Poetry" by Marilyn Zornado
"A Story" by Andrew Stanton
"Palm Springs" by Pete Docter
"Paradise" by Ishu Patel, Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada
"The Fly" by Ferenc Rofusz, Hungarian Film Fund
"North of Blue" by Joanna Priestley
"Britannia" by Joanna Quinn, Courtesy of Sky TV
"Snookles" by Juliet Stroud
"Pro and Con" by Joanna Priestley and Joan C. Gratz
"Furies" by Sara Petty
"Closed Monday's" by Will Vinton
"Dirty Birdy" by John Dilworth, Stretch Films Inc.
"Dog Pile" by Miles C. Thompsom
"25 Ways to Quit Smoking" by Bill Plympton
"Hill Farm" by Mark Baker
"Hello Dad I'm in Jail" by Cristoph Simon
"The Cat Came Back" by Cordell Barker, Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada
"Llyods Lunchbox" by Greg Ecklund
"Wallace & Gromit: Wrong Trousers" by Nick Park. ©Aardman Animations Ltd/Wallace & Gromit Ltd 1993
"No Neck Joe" by Craig McCracken
"Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel Ltd 1986, Animation by Aardman Animations Ltd
Real World
"Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave" by Nick Park, ©Aardman Animations Ltd/Wallace & Gromit Ltd 1995
"Happy Tree Friends" by Kenn Navarro
"Out on a Limb" Courtesy of Mondo Media, Inc.
"Home Honey I'm Higher" by Kevin Kaliher
"Red's Dream" by John Lasseter, Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios
"Salma" by Martin Sand Ballespir
"Sick & Twisted Intro" by Patrick Malleck
"Lupo the Butcher" by Danny Antonuchi
"Robot Chicken" Adult Swim and all related elements are used with the permission of and are trademarks of Cartoon Network 2019
"Rumpy Pumpy" by Joanna Priestley
"Captain Awesome" by Ercan Bozdogan
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